I’m Having an Affair and My Wife Knows About It


Contact me on steve@stevethornes.co.za I am having an affair! After 27 years of married bliss I am now having an affair. My new love is called Ruby (my wife named her!) and she is a scooter. Actually much more than just a scooter, she is a Vespa GTS300. The Vespa GTS300 came into my life […]

Zen, Buddhism and Mindful Emptiness

belief system

Contact me on steve@stevethornes.co.za We all grow up with ideas, opinions and prejudices, mostly formed early in our childhood. We continue to modify these concepts as life experiences bombard us. The sum total of all this gives us our belief system, our values (beliefs about what is right or wrong), and our identity (how we […]

Empowering Strong Women in Relationships

strong women

Contact me on steve@stevethornes.co.za Some time ago I started to notice that several women that I knew quite well struggled to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend, or even fiancée. Those same women invariably had strong character traits.By strong character traits, I mean that they had their own opinions, and had no reservations about voicing […]

Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life


Contact me on steve@stevethornes.co.za It happened in 1971, I was a young single man in my early twenties. I was working as a technician for a company in Yorkshire, England. At the same company we had a lady in our public relations department, a middle aged lady by the name of Priscilla. Priscilla’s persona was […]