I’m Having an Affair

After 25 years of married bliss I am now having an affair. My new love is called Ruby (my wife named her!) and she is a scooter. Actually much more than just a scooter, she is a Vespa GTS300.

The Vespa GTS300 came into my life in December. She is bright red in colour, which is spot on because red is the colour of excitement and passion. Passion is what the Vespa brings to the party.

Firstly, I will get the technical specification out of the way – but not with numbers. Numbers are boring.

·         Top speed. Will cruise all day at the legal limit.

·         AccelerationPulls your arms straight. Eyeballs pushed back in their sockets. Zips past all the boring car drivers.

·         Power. More than enough.

·         Safety. Big disc brakes, front and back. ABS and traction control. All steel chassis. Riding feels safe, confident and assured.

Now that the technical stuff is covered, back to the passion. To describe riding a Vespa is not easy. It is an emotional thrill which needs to be experienced. When I drive a car I feel that I am looking out at the scenery from a confined space. On my Vespa I feel that I am part of that scenery.

The exciting rush of riding a true Italian Stallion surges through your veins as you surge through the traffic. Imagine zipping to the front of the queue at a red robot. Imagine being the first to pull away and leave the less fortunate well behind you. Imagine the feeling of the wind and the smell of nature as you cruise through the countryside on a quiet Sunday. Imagine, imagine, imagine…..

The ability to go anywhere, anytime, park easily (usually for free) and really enjoy the journey is a big part of the joy. Knowing that you are riding the best scooter ever made (70 years of Italian engineering excellence is a huge heritage) is an experience to be savoured. Fully automatic, no clutch, no gears just pure riding happiness.

Do I hear you say “But I have never ridden and do not have a bike licence”? No problem, the guys at Vespa will ease you through all of that, in quick time.

As I write this short article it is a beautiful summer Sunday in Durban. My wife has dozed off on the settee. Time to slip out quietly and sneak away with Ruby for an afternoon of passion and thrills.

Check out my video, it may tempt you into having an affair!