Being Judgemental

Try making a decision to be non-judgemental for the next hour. Look at people and things and accept them for what they are. Look at your office co-worker, let’s call her Janet, and say to yourself “I have no judgement to make on Janet. Janet is just Janet. Plain and simple. I have no right to judge her. Janet has no right to judge me.” This may give you a more open mind about Janet and allow you to get to know her better. Then make a decision when you next visit a shopping mall to look at the strangers around you and not judge them. See how long you can keep this up. We all know that it is easy to elicit a smile from a stranger by simply smiling at them when you make eye contact. However, a strange thing happens when we become adept at being in a non-judgmental frame of mind. Strangers start to smile at us without ourselves offering the first smile! Strangers talk to us whilst standing together in a queue. Somehow it is almost as though we are unconsciously radiating some kind of vibrations that others feel like an attraction. Yes, I know it sounds weird but I have personally proved this to myself time and time again. Try it.