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private investigator book

Harry goes to apartheid South Africa in the late 1980s. Things are tough in that era and Harry has to adapt quickly,  or suffer the consequences.

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Safe to die book

Harry Briggs is a Private Investigator based in Yorkshire, England in the 1980s. His cases have been the run of the mill kind. Seedy divorce cases, fraudulent insurance claims and the serving of court documents. His business is close to financial collapse and his marriage is on the rocks. Along comes a different type of case. It’s a big one and could put Harry on financial easy street. It could also ruin him. The potential rewards are great, and so are the dangers. Harry struggles with his sense of doing the right thing against losing everything. He is new to murder, violence and the threat of spending time in jail. He has some tough choices to make.

Easy Ways To Happiness book

Chapter Headings

  • An Overview on Happiness
  • Living in the Present
  • Judge Not
  • The case for God, Jesus, and Religion
  • Defeating Negativity
  • Reality and Belief Systems
  • Goals
  • Life Purpose
  • Love is All There Is
  • Debt
  • Organise Your Life and Get Fit

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